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Simply put, we miss having Adam on our team. He was our go-to, our secret weapon, our rising star, our deep thinker, our guy who knew how to figure “it” out. While his title was “Senior Art Director,” Adam performs at an Associate Creative Director (ACD) level. I was most impressed with the thought he puts behind his work. He always has a reason and strategy. He can establish the big look, carry it out, or assign it to another art director. He can present his work, works well with others, and never misses a deadline. For a manager, he’s your right-hand man. For a client, he’s the guy who gets it.

During our time together, we worked on the Busch Beer brand (Anheuser-Busch) with a heavy focus on retail. This required extreme organization, attention to detail, management of national programs, working closely with production teams, and an ever-changing landscape. Adam handled it all in stride, always rising to occasion and often times taking charge of the creative look. I could trust him to present his own work to the client; and if I had to present it, it was a breeze, because it always made perfect strategic sense. Like I said, we miss him.

If you’re considering hiring Adam, I’m envious. Because I/we/our clients would welcome him back in a heartbeat.

Eammon Azizi  |  Sr. Creative Director @ We Are Alexander