The Local Heroes campaign featured everyday people chosen through nominations on Facebook. Many of the people were visually captured in portrait form, standing and looking at the camera. We were asked to solve two questions. Can the campaign and its execution be improved? And, is it possible for the visuals to connect better with the brand tagline, “Here’s To Earning It”?


While the earlier version of the campaign focused well on the individual, it didn’t capture them in the process of actually earning it, or in a moment of rewarding themselves with a cold beer when the job was done. We kept the overall design, but changed the visual direction and mood to focus on people in the process of earning it. This included capturing all of the dirt, sweat and overall grit involved with each profession.

I sorted through all of the previous photography to find better working photos of the original Heroes and traveled to various locations to direct the photography for new scenes. The campaign was executed in retail, out-of-home, print and digital advertising. I also re-designed the brand website and included a new section focusing on the Heroes and nominations, allowing more consumers to participate in the program.
















Photography by Andy Ryan