Due to the high cost of featuring everyday people nationwide, the brand team wanted to move away from the Local Heroes campaign. The client requested more focus to be placed on the product, but still wanted to retain the “Here’s To Earning It” slogan. We were tasked with evolving the brand personality and communication without losing the equity built through the previous campaign.


We presented a few different directions, but in the end, we landed on the idea that when something is done and done right, it’s worth a cold, refreshing reward. The visual hero for this new direction is one or two icy, cold, wet and frothy beers. The environment and background features a work or outdoors scene with people enjoying a beer. The figures are out of focus, placing more emphasis on the product. We didn’t just concentrate on work scenes (carpentry and automotive), but outdoor environments that fit with the brand (grilling and camping) as well. Each situation was relatable to our consumer base. Since our target demographic loves the outdoors and appreciates doing things with their hands, each viewer was able to mentally place themselves into any scene because they understand the pride and positive feeling when a task is completed and done right.

The new direction led to tactics that offered an opportunity to gain floor space, cross merchandise with other products, be creative with displays and, ultimately, sell more product. During the process, I led all brainstorms, narrowed and organized ideas, directed the photography and executed or directed other team members when creating elements for retail, out-of-home, print, social media, or bars and restaurants.




Branded work bench display enhancer featuring different types of tools (garage, carpentry, garden, etc.) periodically. The display includes 6-foot tall beer can stand ups and can be moved around the store depending on the time of year.


Coffin cooler display wrapped as a standard beer cooler and topped with a sign lid. This display offers an opportunity for cross merchandising with any bratwurst brand.


A camping scene offering the tools for retailers to create displays based on their current stock of merchandise. For example: Retailers may purchase a branded tent from the brand or display one of their own that’s already in-stock. Other elements include cardboard table tops, a branded cooler and a camping sign.


C-Store Texas Bin with product, refillable buckets (encouraging return visits), a tool tote display enhancer, and a replaceable sign.


C-Store bin display that holds cases, a branded cooler display enhancer and background scenes that change with each season. This versatile display offers the opportunity to gain floor space all year, but still be customized for specific occasions.












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Elements include: Neon signs, metal sign, metal bucket and coasters.



Photography by Michelle Havens (lifestyle) and Amy Schromm (product)