My previous agency, We Are Alexander, hosts an annual dodgeball tournament with all proceeds benefiting a local organization or cause. To promote the event, we build a theme each year as a team. We split up the work together and I was tasked with designing the microsite and creating the art for the social media posts.


After a direction was chosen, a few of us brainstormed and developed the overall look-and-feel. I dove into designing the responsive microsite promoting the event and registration, and highlighting our cause and sponsors. After designing the site in desktop and mobile formats, I worked with our digital team through the development process. Once the website was live, I sorted through our promotional photos and built animated social media posts for our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Each animation was developed for a specific purpose; (1-Blue) teasing the event, (2-Orange) notifying and reminding people of the event date, and (3-Purple) communicating this years cause.




Responsive design. Desktop and mobile versions shown here.









For reference only. I did not direct this video.